William Winstanley


Little is known of the life of this seventeenth-century biographer. William Winstanley was a London barber turned miscellaneous writer whose Lives of the most famous English Poets pilfers wholesale from Edward Phillips's Theatrum Poetarum.


1684The Life of Mr. Edmond Spenser.


The Muses cabinet, stored with variety of poems. 1655.
Englands worthies: select lives of the most eminent persons. 1660, 1684.
Poor Robin. An almanack after a new fashion [Winstanley et. al.] 1664.
The loyall martyrology: or brief catalogues and characters of the most eminent persons who suffered for their conscience during the late times. 1665.
The honour of the Merchant Taylors. 1668.
The new help to discourse: or wit, mirth, and jollity intermixt with more serious matters. 1669.
Poor Robin's intelligence [ed. Winstanley?]. 1676-78.
Poor Robin's dream, or the visions of Hell [Winstanley et. al.] 1681.
England's Worthies. 1684.
The lives of the most famous English poets, from the time of William the Conqueror to James II. 1687.
The Essex champion: or the famous history of Sir Billy of Billercay. 1699.
The lives of all the Lords Chancellors, Lords Keepers and Lords Commissioners of the Great Seal. 2 vols, 1708, 1712.