Thomas Brown


Thomas Brown "of facetious memory" was born at Shifnal in Shropshire; after attending Newport School, Salop, he entered Christ Church Oxford in 1678. He was schoolmaster at Kingston-upon-Thames for three years; after being dismissed for irregular conduct he worked in London as a pamphleteer, satirist, and translator. He is buried in Westminster Abbey.


1700A Description of Mr. D—n's Funeral. A Poem.


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The weesils: a satirical fable. 1691.
The late converts exposed. 1690.
The reasons of Mr. Joseph Hains the player's conversion and reconversion. 1690.
The reasons of the new convert's taking the oaths. 1691.
Wit for money: or poet stutterer. 1691.
Novus reformatur vapulans: or the Welch Levite tossed in a blanket. 1691.
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