Sir Richard Steele


Born in Dublin, Steele studied at Charterhouse School (where he met Addison) and Merton College Oxford (1691-94). A poem on the death of Queen Mary won the poet a promotion to captain in the Life Guards and the position of secretary to Lord Cutts (1696-97). Steele wrote several successful plays before beginning his career as an essayist in 1709 with the Tatler, which was followed by The Spectator and The Guardian. Steele was elected M.P. for Stockbridge in 1713 but was ejected for libel in 1714; he was knighted in 1715 by the new king. He left London in distressed circumstances in 1724, and died at Carmarthen in 1729.


1710Tatler 194 [Courtship in The Faerie Queene.]
1712Spectator 540 [Anatomy of the Faerie Queene.]


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