Francis Manning

(1674-1738 fl.)

Francis Manning entered Trinity College Oxford in 1689 at the age of fifteen; he was was later a student of the Middle Temple (1690) and the Inner Temple (1693). Manning, who worked in the foreign service, was appointed minister to the Swiss Confederation in 1716.


1733The British Hero: Preface.
1733The British Hero; or the Vision. A Poem.


The life of the emperor Theodosius [Flechier, trans.] 1693.
A pastoral essay lamenting the death of our most gracious Queen Mary, of blessed memory. 1695.
A congratulatory poem, humbly offered to the King upon his return home, after the taking of Namur. 1695.
Greenwich-Hill, a poem. 1697.
To his sacred Majesty King William III: a panegyrick. 1698.
The generous choice. A comedy. 1700.
Poems on several occasions. 1701.
The shrine: a poem sacred to the memory of King William II. 1702.
All for the better: or the infallible cure. 1703.
The history of Dion Cassius ... done from the Greek. 1704.
The British hero; or the vision. A poem. 1733.
The muse an advocate for injur'd merit ... to Robert Walpole. 1734.
Of business and retirement. A poem. 1735.
Of levity and steadiness. A poem. 1735.
An essay on the vicious bent and taste of the times ... to Robert Walpole. 1737.
The adventures of Telemachus, trans. Manning. 1738.
On the late queen's sickness and death, an ode. 1738.
The two first odes of Horace imitated. 1738.
Poems written at different times on several occasions. 1752.