Giles Jacob


Giles Jacob, lawyer and dramatist, was the brother of the poet Hildebrand Jacob. Most of his numerous publications were legal works; after provoking Pope by adverse comments on Three Hours after Marriage Jacob was pilloried as "mighty J—b Blunderbus of Law" in the 1728 Dunciad.


1720Mr. Edmund Spenser.


The compleat court-keeper. 1713.
The accomplish'd conveyancer. 1714.
Love in a wood; or the country squire; a farce. 1714.
The court beauties; a poem. 1716.
The country gentleman's vade-mecum. 1717.
The rape of the smock. An heroi-comical poem. 1717.
The compleat sportsman. 1718.
Lex mercatoria: or the merchant's companion. 1718.
Lex constitutionis; or the gentleman's law. 1719.
The poetical register: or the lives and characters of the English dramatick poets, with an account of their writings. 1719, 1723.
An historical account of the lives and writings of our most considerable English poets. 1720.
The laws of taxation. 1720.
The lord-purchaser's companion. 1720.
Human happiness, a poem ... with several other miscellaneous poems. 1721.
A treatise of laws. 1721.
The student's companion, or the reason of the laws of England. 1725.
The common law common-placed. 1726.
A new law dictionary. 1729.
The compleat Chancery-practicer. 1730.
The statute law common-placed. 1730.
City liberties: or the rights and privileges of freemen. 1732.
The mirrour; or letters satyrical. 1733.
Every man his own lawyer. 1736.
The compleat attorney's practice in English. 2 vols, 1737-40.
The compleat parish-officer. 1738.
A law grammar, or rudiments of the law. 1749.