Benjamin Victor

(1700 ca.-1778)

Benjamin Victor was a London barber who became manager of the Theatre Royal in Dublin and "Poet Laureate" of Ireland in 1755. Victor was treasurer for Drury Lane Theater 1760-78; he adapted Two Gentleman of Verona, and wrote a history of the stage. Victor himself wrote the biography prefacing his Dramatic Works (1774).


1724To the Honourable Sir William Brewer, Bart.
1764An Ode, which was performed at the Castle of Dublin.


An epistle to Sir Richard Steele, on his play, call'd The conscious lovers. 1722.
Memoirs of the life of B. Booth. 1733.
An ode, to be performed at the castle of Dublin. 1735.
A letter to Messieurs Victor and Sowdon, managers of the Theatre Royal. 1755.
The widow of the wood. 1755.
Mrs. Beauclerk's letters to Mr. Sheridan and Mr. Victor, with their answers. 1758.
An ode, to be performed at the castle of Dublin, on the birthday of his... Majesty, George II. 1759.
The history of the theatres of London. 3 vols, 1761-71.
The two gentlemen of Verona ... with alterations and additions. 1763.
An ode, to be performed at the castle of Dublin, on ... the day appointed for the celebration of the birth-day of her ... Majesty, Queen Charlotte. 1764.
The widow of the wood, etc. 1769.
The British matron ... from a narrative, intitled Widow of the Wood. 1772.
Original letters, dramatic pieces, and poems. 3 vols, 1776.