David Mallet

(1705 ca.-1765)

David Mallet studied at the parish school at Crieff, worked as a tutor at Edinburgh University (1721-23), and studied at St. Mary Hall Oxford (B.A. 1724, M.A. 1734). After accompanying the sons of the duke of Montrose on their tour of Europe he made his residence in London, where he published poems and plays and Anglicized his name (perhaps in response to John Dennis, who had dubbed him "Moloch"). Pope introduced him to Bolingbroke, who found him a position as undersecretary to the prince of Wales (1742). In later life Mallet worked as a political pen for hire, accepting a legacy of 1000 from Sarah Churchill for a life of the Duke of Marlborough which he never wrote.


1720A Pastoral, inscrib'd to Mr. M[itche]l.
1728The Excursion. A Poem.
1743 ca.A Fragment.
1743Prologue to the Siege of Damascus. Spoken by Lord Sandwich.


William and Margaret: an old ballad. 1723.
A poem in imitation of Donaides. 1725.
The excursion: a poem in two books. 1728.
Eurydice: a tragedy. 1731.
Of verbal criticism: an epistle to Mr. Pope, occasioned by Theobald's Shakespear and Bentley's Milton. 1733.
Verses presented to the Prince of Orange on his visiting Oxford [with Walter Harte]. 1734.
Mustapha: a tragedy. 1739.
Alfred: a masque [with James Thomson]. 1740.
The life of Francis Bacon. 1740.
Poems on several occasions. 1743.
Works. 1743.
Amyntor and Theodora, or the hermit: a poem in three cantos. 1747.
A congratulatory letter to Selim on the three letters to the Whigs. 1748.
Bolingbroke, Letters on the spirit of patriotism: on the idea of a patriot king [ed. Mallet]. 1749.
Bolingbroke, Works [ed. Mallet]. 5 vols, 1754.
Britannia: a masque. 1755.
Observations on the twelfth article of war. 1757.
Works. 3 vols, 1759.
Edwin and Emma. 1760.
Verses on the death of Lady Anson. 1760.
Poems on several occasions. 1762.
Elvira: a tragedy. 1763.
Ballads and songs, ed. Frederick T. Dinsdale. 1857.