Rev. John Free


John Free, the son of John Free of Oxford, entered Christ Church Oxford in 1727 (B.A. 1730, M.A. 1733, D.D. 1744). He was vice-principal of St. Albans's Hall, Oxford, headmaster of St. Olave's Grammar School, Southwark (1747) and Vicar of East Coker, Somersetshire (1756). Free published verses in the Gentleman's Magazine; an extensive bibliography appears in John Nichols's Literary Anecdotes (1812-15).


1756An Ode of Consolation upon the Loss of Minorca.
1757An Historical and Critical Account of the Origin and peculiar Nature of English Poetry, in a Letter to a Member of Parliament.
1757An Ode to that heroick and learned Prince, Frederick III. King of Prussia, &c.


The story of Susanna: a poem. 1730.
Advice to the fair sex. A poem translated from the Greek of Naumachius. 1736.
The bloody methods of propagating the Popish religion.... A sermon. 1745.
The guardian: an imitation of Horace. 1746.
Stigand: or the Antigallican. A poem, in Miltonic verse. 1750.
Poems, and miscellaneous pieces. 1751.
The danger attending ... a national intercourse with those who live under an idolatrous religion.... A sermon. 1753.
Of the reason and necessity for written laws.... A sermon. 1753.
An ode of consolation upon the loss of Minorca. 1756.
The terms, or conditions of national unanimity established.... A sermon. 1756.
Poems on several occasions. 1757.
Certain articles proposed to ... the Worshipful Company of Salters. 1758.
Rules for the discovery of false prophets. A sermon. 1758.
A display of the bad principles of the Methodists. 1759.
The whole speech ... complaining of persecution from the Methodists. 1759.
A genuine petition to the King. 1762.
The petition of John Free relative to the conduct of the archbishops of Canterbury and York. 1763.
Matrimony made easy. 1764.
The voluntary exile; or, the English poet's sermon in verse, written upon divers important subjects, before he embarked for France, and dedicated a La Coterie, or the Society of English Patriots. 1765.
A specimen of an universal liturgy in English, French, and Latin. 1766.
England's warning piece.... A sermon. 1768.
Common safety the cause and foundation of human society. A sermon. 1769.
Let him that thinketh he standeth, take heed.... A sermon. 1786.
Tyrocinium Geographicum Londinense; or, the London geography. 1789.