Gen. John Burgoyne


After education at Westminster School, "Gentleman John" Burgoyne purchased a lieutenancy (1741) and eloped with the daughter of the early of Derby (1743). He was elected to Parliament for Midhurst (1761) and Preston (1768). Burgoyne was made major-general in 1772 and served in the American campaign where, outnumbered and ill-supplied, he surrendered at Saratoga in 1777. Afterwards he was commander-in-chief in Ireland and managed the impeachment of Warren Hastings. Burgoyne contributed satirical verse to the Rolliad and the Probationary Odes for the Laureateship.


1781Song from The Lord of the Manor.
1785Probationary Odes No. XVII, Irregular Ode for Music. By the Rev. Dr. Prettyman.


The maid of the oaks. A new dramatic entertainment. 1774.
The substance of General Burgoyne's speeches. 1778.
A letter from General Burgoyne to his constituents upon his late resignation. 1778.
A state of the expedition from Canada. 1780.
A supplement to the state of the expedition from Canada. 1780.
The lord of the manor. 1781.
The heiress. 1786.
Richard Coeur de Lion: an historical romance [with Mrs. Sheridan]. 1786.
Dramatic and poetical works. 2 vols, 1808.
The orderly book of Lieut. General John Burgoyne from his entry in the State of New York to his surrender at Saratoga, ed. O'Callaghan. 1860.