John Huddlestone Wynne


John Huddlestone Wynne was taken from St. Paul's School to labor as a compositor; he served briefly as a lieutenant in the East India Company before pursuing a career as a miscellaneous writer. He wrote for the British Magazine with Smollett and Goldsmith, and was later editor of The Lady's Magazine. Thomas Percy assisted him in obtaining patronage for his History of Ireland. Wynne left unpublished the first book of an epic poem entitled "Hengist; or the Invasion of Britain by the Saxons." He published under the pseudonym, "George Osburne, esq."


1777Ode on the Birth-Day of his Most Sacred Majesty, George III. King of Great-Britain, &c.
1779Ode for the New Year, 1779.
1780Ode for the New Year, 1780.
1782The Four Ages.
1783The Temple of Freedom. A Vision. In Spenser's Stile.
1788War: an Ode.


A general history of the British Empire in America. 1771.
The prostitute, a poem. 1771.
Choice emblems, natural, historical, fabulous, moral, and divine, for the improvement and pastime of youth. 1772; 9th edition, 1799.
General history of Ireland to the death of William III. 2 vols, 1772.
Evelina: a poem. 1773.
Fables of flowers, for the female sex. 1773.
The four seasons, a poem. 1773.
The child of chance; a novel. 1787.
Tales for youth: in thirty poems. 1794.