Thomas Stott


Thomas Stott ("Hafiz") was born at Hillsborough, County Down; he was a wealthy linen-bleacher in Dromore, Ireland, where he was a close friend of Bishop Percy. A member of the United Irishmen in his younger days, Stott published poems in the periodicals and translations from the Gaelic.


1798Ode on the Late Important Victory off the Coast of Donegall.
1801Ode on our late Naval Achievement at Copenhagen.
1801To the Brain.
1802Winter. A Dirge.
1803Consular Moderation, a Sonnet, occasioned by the Captivity of our Countrymen in France.
1803Elegiac Sonnet on the Death of Wm. Sharman, late of Moira Castle, Esq.
1803Sonnet to Morning.
1803Sonnet. The Midnight Revel.
1804Hymn to Levity; or, L'Allegro Imperiale: in imitation of Milton.
1805Ode to Galvanism.
1805Sonnet, occasioned by a late Visit to Scotland.
1805[Sonnet to the Lord Bishop of Dromore.]
1807Sonnet — to an Earwig.
1807Sonnet to British Commerce.
1807Summer's Call. A Sonnet.
1808Sonnet of Commiseration for the People of Portugal.
1808Sonnet, on the Degradation of the Pope.
1808Sonnet, on the Downfall of the Prince of Peace.
1809Sonnet. On the Bishop of Dromore's completing the 80th Year of his Age, April 24, 1809.
1810A Sonnet, for the false Prophet.
1810Amatory Sketches.
1810On Hearing an Aeolian Harp at Dromore House.
1810On the Death of Mr. A. Goldsmid.
1810Pictures of War.
1810Sonnet to Lord Wellington.
1810Sonnet to Mrs. West, on reading her excellent Poem — The Mother.
1810Sonnet to Murat, on his late Naval Achievement off the Coast of Sicily.
1810Sonnet, on the Adoption of Bernadotte for Crown Prince of Sweden.
1810Sonnet, to the Spanish Patriots.
1810[Sonnets on Whiskey.]
1811Sonnet to Donard.
1811Sonnet to Ram's Island.
1811The Wreck-Pirate!
1814The Mount of Dromore.
1814The Tongue.
1818Sonnet. Portrait of Ambition.
1818The Invitation. — To Lorenzo.
1820Ode to the Poppies.
1821Sonnet, inscribed to Capt. Parry, on his second Visit to the Polar Regions.
1823Despondence. (In the Manner of Shenstone.)
1823Expostulation to Memory.
1823Sonnet on the triumphal Entry of the Prince Generalissimo into Paris.
1823Sonnet to the gallant Mina, on his safe Arrival in England.
1823Sonnet to the Spanish Patriots who have been compelled to leave their native Country and seek an Asylum in England.
1823Sonnet to the Trout in November.
1823Sonnet. To a Rivulet.
1823Sonnet. To the Night-Mare.
1823Sonnet. To the Poultry.
1823Sonnets. To Morning. To Evening.
1823The Tears of the Rose. (A Sonnet.)
1824Sonnet to a Friend in deep Affliction for a recent Loss.
1825Description of an Autumnal Evening.
1825Poetic Obscurity.
1825Sonnet on the melancholy Catastrophe that lately happened to befall the Comet, on her Passage to Glasgow.
1825Sonnet to Lord Cochrane.
1825Sonnet to the Ocean.
1825The Bard.
1825The Bee.
1825To the Memory of W. Collins, Esq. the Lyric Poet.
1825To the Rainbow.
1826Curious Caution. "Ne Sutor Ultra Crepidam."
1826To Mechmet Ali, Pacha of Egypt.
1826To Mr. Emerson, on reading his Narrative of the present State of Greece.
1827A Tribute to the Memory of William Magee, late of Belfast, Esq.


The songs of Deardra, and other pieces. 1825.