John Pinkerton


John Pinkerton was educated in the grammar-school at Lanark by a brother-in-law of James Thomson; he studied law at Edinburgh and corresponded with James Beattie, to whom he dedicated Craigmillar Castle (1776). An antiquarian acquaintance of Percy, Walpole, and Gibbon, Pinkerton was a determined foe of all things Celtic. For a short time he edited the Critical Review. Pinkerton adopted the pseudonym "Robert Heron," not to be confused with Robert Heron (1764-1807). He spent his later years living impoverished in Paris.


1776Craigmillar Castle. An Elegy.
1781Melody I. The Education of the Muse.
1781Ode X. L'Ozioso.
1781Ode XII. To an Antiquary.
1781Sonnet I. On the Progress of the English Language.
1785Letters of Literature XLI. On Imitation.


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Vitae antiquae sanctorum qui habitaverunt in ea parte Britanniae nunc vocata Soctia. 1789.
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