William Hamilton Reid

(1760 ca.-1826)

William Hamilton Reid, translator and miscellaneous writer, was the son of servants in the household of the duke of Hamilton, who paid for his early education at a parish school. While apprenticed to a buckle-maker Reid pursued a program of reading, and afterwards published sonnets and popular verse, wrote for the magazines, and contributed a note on William Law to Nichols's Anecdotes. Reid later declined an offer of ordination from Beilby Porteus, the Bishop of London; on more than one occasion he received assistance from the Literary Fund.


1787An Elegy on the unknown Author of the ancient Ballad of Chevy Chace.
1787Invocation to Melancholy.
1787Morning. Noon. Evening. Night.
1787The Tomb of Shere, an Oriental Elegy.
1788Elegy, supposed to be written on a Waste near the Charter-house, London.
1788Ode to Reflexion.
1789Essay on the various Ideas of poetical Excellence and unlettered Genius.
1789Invocation to Fancy.
1789Ode to Autumn.
1789Sonnet to Poesy.
1789Stanzas on Happiness.
1790Stanzas, for the Festival of Christmas.
1791Sonnet on viewing an ancient Fortress, Armory, &c.
1792Pastoral Elegy upon the Author of the Shipwreck.
1797An Elegy to the Memory of Mr. Robert Burns, the celebrated Scots Poet.


Hum! hum! a new song. 1793.
Ghost-craft, authorized by church and state-craft! 1795.
The rise and dissolution of the infidel societies in this metropolis. 1800.
Memoirs of the life of Colonel Wardle. 1809.
Sentimental beauties from the writings of Dr. Hugh Blair, ed. Reid. 1809.
Beauties selected from the writings of the late William Paley. 1810.
Memoirs of the public life of John Horne Tooke, Esq. 1812.
A concise history of the kingdom of Hanover from the earliest periods until its restoration in 1813. 1816.
Memoirs of the public and private life of Napoleon Bonaparte. 2 vols, 1827.