George Daniel


George Daniel was originally a stockbroker's clerk; he prospered in trade and was a book-collector friend of Charles Lamb. Daniel wrote plays and satirical verse; he edited the 48 volumes of John Cumberland's British Theatre (1826-61). His own collection of old books included much Elizabethan material and all four folio editions of Shakespeare; when dispersed at his death it fetched the vast sum of 15,865.


1814Eclogue I. The Retired Citizen to his Friend in Town.
1814Eclogue II. Alexis.
1814Eclogue III. The Discarded Minister.
1814Eclogue IV. Crambo.
1814Eclogue V. The Field Preacher.
1814Eclogue VI. Lord Mayor's Day.
1814Eclogue VII. The Trial.
1814Eclogue VIII. The Parting.
1814Horace Ode XV, Book IV. To the Prince Regent.
1814The Modern Dunciad; a Satire.


Stanzas on Lord Nelson's death and victory. 1806.
Adventures of Dick Distich. 3 vols, 1812.
Miscellany poems. 1812.
R-y-l stripes, or a kick from Yar-th to Wa-s: a poem. 1812.
The ghost of R-L stripes. a poem. 1812.
Sophia's letters to the B-r-n Ger-b: or Whiskers in the dumps. 1812.
The r-l first born. 1812.
Suppressed evidence on r-l intriguing. 1813.
Virgil in London. 1814.
The modern dunciad: a satire. 1814.
London and Dublin: an heroic epistle to Counsellor Phillips. 1817.
Doctor Bolus: a serio-comick-bombastick-operatick interlude. 1818.
Cumberland's British theatre [ed. Daniel]. 48 vols, 1826-61.
Cumberland's Minor theatre [ed. Daneil]. 17 vols, 1828-43.
Garrick in the green room. 1829.
The diagreeable surprise: a farce. 1829.
Ophelia Keen! a dramatic legendary tale. 1829.
Sworn at Highgate: a farce. 1833.
Merrie England in the olden time. 2 vols, 1842.
The missionary: a religious poem. 1847.
Democritus in London. 1852.
An Elizabethan garland. 1856.
Love's last labour not lost. 1863.