Emily Taylor


Emily Taylor, daughter of Samuel Taylor of Banham, Norfolk, wrote poetry and books for children. Originally a dissenter, she joined the Church of England under the influence of Frederick Denison Maurice.


1818Hymn to the Deity.
1822To Mrs. Judson.
1825A Birth-Day Thought.
1825The Vision of Las Casas.
1825Winter Evenings. Second Evening.
1825Winter Evenings. The Farmer's Saturday Night.


Letters to a very little girl: from her aunt. 1820.
Letters to a child, on the subject of maritime discovery. 1820.
Frank and George; or, The prison friends. 1823.
Poems. 1825.
The vision of Las Casas, and other poems. 1825.
Poetical illustrations of passages of scripture. 1826.
Tales for youth: containing Frank and George, or, the prison friends: and Christmas day. 1829.
Tales of the Saxons. 1832.
Tales of the English. William de Albini, of Buckenham Castle. 1833.
A memoir of Sir Thomas More. 1834.
Tales of the English. The Knevets. 1835.
The boy and the birds. 1835.
The Irish tourist; or, the people and the provinces of Ireland. 1837.
England and its people; or, a familiar history, for young persons. 1845.
The ball I live on, or, sketches of the earth. 1846.
Conversations with the birds. 1850.
Flowers and fruit gathered by loving hands from old English gardens. 1864.
Dear Charlotte's boys: and other stories. 1864.
Memories of some contemporary poets: with selections from their writings. 1868.