Rev. Richard Cobbold


Richard Cobbold was the son of the poet Elizabeth Cobbold, the next-to-youngest of her twenty-one children. He studied at Bury St. Edmunds and Caius College Cambridge (B.A.1820; M.A. 1823). After serving as a curate in his native Ipswich he was Rector of Wortham, Suffolk for half a century. Cobbold published poems, novels, sermons, and devotional works, some with his own illustrations. His novel Margaret Catchpole (1845) was a popular success.


1827Christmas Day, 1826.
1827The Midnight Tale.


Original, serious, and religious poetry. 1827.
Valentine verses: or lines of truth, love, and virtue, with illustrations. 1827.
A sermon preached ... to ... St Mary Tower Church, Ipswich. 1829.
The spirit of the litany of the Church of England. 1833.
Men and women. 1843.
The history of Margaret Catchpole, a Suffolk girl, with illustrations. 3 vols, 1845.
Mary Ann Wellington: the soldier's daughter, wife, and widow. 3 vols, 1846.
Zenon the Martyr: a record of the piety, patience, and persecution of the early Christian nobles. 3 vols, 1847.
The young man's home, or the penitent returned: a narrative of the present day. 3 vols, 1848.
The bottle, or Cruikshank illustrated: a poem. 1848.
The character of woman: a lecture delivered April 1848. nd.
A voice from the Mount, or pastoral letters. 1848.
A sermon preached at St. Clement's East Cheap. 1849.
The comforter; or short addresses from the Book of Job. 1850.
A father's legacy to his children. The Proverbs of Solomon in prose and verse. 1850.
Freston Tower: or the early days of Cardinal Wolsey, with illustrations. 3 vols, 1850.
Courtland: a novel. 3 vols, 1852.
The union child's belief: being a series of letters upon the creed. 1855.
John H. Steggall: a real history of a Suffolk man. 1857.
Canticles of life. 1858.
Geoffrey Gambado: or a simple remedy for hypochondriacism and melancholy. 1865.