Rev. Thomas Dale


Born in London, Thomas Dale attended Christ's Hospital and Corpus Christi College Cambridge (B.A. 1823, M.A. 1826, D.D. 1870); he was ordained in 1823. In 1828 this evangelical preacher became the first professor of English literature at London University (1828-30); he afterwards taught at King's College (1835-40). Dale's clerical positions included prebendary of St. Paul's (1843), vicar of St. Pancras (1846-61), and dean of Rochester (1870). He published over 70 works, including poems, prefaces, and a popular translation of Sophocles.


1822Irad and Adah. Part II. Prophecy.
1822Irad and Adah. Part III. Judgment.
1822Irad and Adah; a Tale of the Flood. Part I. Guilt.


The widow of the city of Nain; and other poems. 1817.
The outlaw of Taurus, a poem. 1818.
The outlaw of Tarus, to which are added, Scenes from Sophocles. 1820.
Irad and Adah, a tale of the flood. Poems. Specimens of a new translation of the Psalms. 1822.
An introductory lecture (to a course upon the principles and practice of English composition) delivered to the University of London. 1828.
Sermons. 1831.
Access to God ... five discourses. 1832.
The young pastor's guide. 1835.
The companion for the altar ... revised and arranged by the Rev. T. Dale. 1836.
Poetical works. 1836.
Practical Christianity ... a sermon. 1836.
Probation for the Christian ministry ... four discourses. 1836
Heavenly wisdom the only sound principle of education. A sermon. 1837.
The importance of salvation. A sermon. 1837.
A memorial of pastoral ministrations; sermons. 1837.
National religion condusive to the prosperity of the state. Two sermons. 1837.
The philosopher entering, like a child, into the kingdom of heaven. A sermon. 1837.
First fruits offered in the temple of the Lord. A sermon. 1838.
The duty of considering the poor. A sermon. 1839.
The duty of national thanksgiving ... a sermon. 1840.
William Cowper, Poems [ed. Dale]. 2 vols, 1841.
The widow of Nain, the Outlaw of Tauraus, and other poems ... enlarged edition. 1842.
The Sabbath companion. 1844.
Commentary on the Twenty-third psalm. 1845.
The good shepherd and the chosen flock. 1845.
The domestic liturgy and family chaplain. 1846.
Address to the parishioners of St. Pancras. 1847.
The golden psalm. 1847.
Pastoral superintendence. A sermon. 1849.
Five years of Church extension in St. Pancras. 1852.
Address, prayers, lesson, &c on the occasion of laying the foundation-stone of the Cemetery Church of St Pancras. 1853.
God's providential care of children. A sermon. 1854.
Christ alone supreme head of His church. A sermon. 1855.
Church rates in St. Pancras; a letter to ratepayers. 1855.
Faithfulness in the Christian stewardship. A sermon. 1857.
New year's address to the members of the congregation of St. Pancras. 1857.
The secret of a nation's strength ... a sermon. 1861.