Leitch Ritchie


Leitch Ritchie was born in Greenock, Scotland. After clerking in a Glasgow bank he began fortnightly journal called "The Wanderers" (1818). In 1820 Ritchie emigrated to London, where he published poems and essays in various periodicals while supporting himself as a journalist and editing Friendship's Offering. He also edited the works of Thomas Pringle (1838) and the Library of Romance in 15 volumes (1833-35). Several of Ritchie's novels attained a degree of popularity. Later in life Ritchie returned to Scotland where he edited Chambers's Edinburgh Journal. In 1862 he was granted a civil list pension.


1829The Temple of Romance.


Head-pieces and tail-pieces by a travelling artist. 1826.
Tales and confessions. 1829.
The game of life. 2 vols, 1830.
The romance of history: France. 3 vols, 1831.
Wanderings by the Loire. 1833.
The Library of romance, ed. Ritchie. 15 vols, 1833-35.
Schinderhannes, the robber of the Rhine. 1833.
Wanderings by the Seine. 1834.
Scott and Scotland. 1835.
Wanderings by the Seine: from Rouen to the source. 1835.
The magician. 3 vols, 1836.
A bystander's view of the Irish poor law question. 1837.
Ireland picturesque and romantic. 2 vols, 1837-38.
Poetical works of Thomas Pringle [ed. Ritchie]. 1838.
Versailles. 1839.
The Wye and its associations. 1841.
A view of the opium trade, historical, moral, and commercial. 1843.
The British world in the East; a guide ... to India, China, Australia, South Africa. 2 vols, 1846.
Liber fluviorum, or river scenery of France. 1853.
Wearyfoot Common. 1855.
The new shilling. 1857.
Winter evenings. 2 vols, 1859.