Francis Hopkinson


Francis Hopkinson was born in Philadelphia where he studied at the Philadelphia Academy and the College of Philadelphia. He worked as librarian of the Library Company of Philadelphia and as a customs collector before being appointed to the Governor's Council in New Jersey. Hopkinson was elected to the Continental Congress in 1776 and signed the Declaration of Independence. After the war he was appointed a federal judge in Pennsylvania.


1757L'Allegro. Il Penseroso.
1765Dialogue, &c. for the Commencement in the College of Philadelphia.


An exercise, consisting of a dialogue and ode, sacred to the memory of his late gracious majesty George II. 1761.
An exercise, containing a dialogue and ode on the accession of his present gracious majesty George III. 1762.
A collection of psalm tunes. 1762.
Science. A poem. 1762.
Errata; or the art of printing incorrectly. 1763.
A psalm of thanksgiving. 1766.
The psalms of David, with the ten commandments, creed, Lord's prayer, &c. in metre. 1767.
A pretty story. Written in the year of our Lord 2774. 1774.
The battle of the kegs. 1779.
Account of the great federal procession, Philadelphia, July 4, 1788. 1788.
An ode. 1788.
Seven songs for the harpsichord or forte piano. 1788.
An oration which might have been delivered to the students in anatomy. 1789.
Judgments of the admiralty of Philadelphia, in four suits. 1789.
The miscellaneous essays and occasional writings. 3 vols, 1792.