James Silk Buckingham


James Silk Buckingham was born in Bristol and went to sea at the age of ten. In 1818 he founded the Calcutta Journal, later suppressed for its reformist views. He returned to England and in 1824 established the Oriental Herald and other journals. He represented Sheffield in Parliament (1832-37), afterwards touring America, lecturing, and publishing travel books. In 1851 he became the first president of the London Temperance League. Two volumes of an autobiography were published the year of his death.


1823Stanzas written at Night.
1824On the Burning of Widows in India.
1824The Festival of Delos.
1824The Fortunate Islands.
1825To W. D., on early Inspiration.
1826The Future.


Travels in Palestine, through the countries of Bashan and Gilead. 1822.
Travels among the Arab tribes inhabiting the east of Syria and Palestine. 1825.
Travels in Mesopotamia. 1827.
Travels in Assyria, Media, and Persia. 1830.
Parliamentary report on the extent, causes, and consequences of the prevailing vice of intoxication. 1834.
Parliamentary report on the causes of the increased number of shipwrecks. 1836.
Evils and remedies of the present system of popular elections. 1841.
America: historical, descriptive, and statistic, including a journey through the northern or free states. 3 vols, 1841.
The slave states of America. 2 vols, 1842.
The eastern and western states of America. 3 vols, 1842.
Canada, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and other British provinces of North America. 1843.
Transactions of the British and Foreign institute. 1845.
Tour through Belgium, the Rhine, and Holland. 2 vols, 1845.
Tour through France and Italy. 2 vols, 1847.
Outline Sketch of the voyages, travels, writings, and public labours of James Silk Buckingham. 1848.
National evils and practical remedies. 1849.
An earnest plea for the reign of temperance and peace. 1851.
The coming era of practical reform. 1854.
Autobiography. 2 vols, 1855.