Dr. William Perfect


William Perfect, who reports that he once knew Christopher Smart, was educated at the grammar-school at Maidstone. He published three collections of poems and a series of oft-reprinted medical books on insanity. Patients testified to the efficacy of his treatments in the poetry columns of newspapers and magazines.


1763An Elegy in a Church-yard.
1771An Elegy, to the Memory of a poor Old Man.
1771Norton. An Elegy.
1772The Afflicted Parents. An Elegy.
1773December. A Pastoral Poem.
1773November. A Pastoral Poem.
1774April. A Pastoral Poem.
1774August. A Pastoral Poem.
1774February. A Pastoral Poem.
1774January. A Pastoral Poem.
1774July, a Pastoral Poem.
1774June. A Pastoral Poem.
1774March. A Pastoral Poem.
1774May. A Pastoral Poem.
1774October. A Pastoral Poem.
1774September. A Pastoral Poem.
1774The Farm House. A Pastoral Poem.
1774The Ribbon. A Pastoral Poem.
1774The Winter's Evening. A Pastoral Poem.
1775The Autumnal Evening. A Pastoral Poem.
1775The Blush. A Pastoral Poem.
1775The Park. A Pastoral Poem.
1775The Sentiment. A Pastoral Poem.
1775The Tear. A Pastoral Poem.
1776The Smile. A Pastoral Poem.
1776The Snowy Day. A Pastoral.
1785July, a Pastoral Poem.
1786December. A Pastoral Poem.
1786January. A Pastoral Poem.
1786November. A Pastoral.
1786October, a Pastoral.
1787April. A Pastoral Poem.
1787February. A Pastoral Poem.
1787June. A Pastoral Poem.
1787March. A Pastoral Poem.
1787May. A Pastoral Poem.
1794Ode to a Temperate Morning in January.
1796Beltinge Bay.
1796Sympathy, to Julia.
1796To Friendship.
1796To Solitude.
1802The Deserted Blackbird's Nest. The Nest restored.
1803Madness. An Elegy.
1803On an Autumnal Evening. A Pastoral Sketch.
1803The Dying Myrtle.


A bavin of bays: containing various original essays in poetry. 1763.
The laurel-wreath; being a collection of original miscellaneous poems, on subjects moral, comic, and divine. 2 vols, 1766.
Methods of cure, in some particular cases of insanity: the epilepsy, hypochondriacal affection, hysteric passion, and nervous disorders. 1777.
An address to the public. 1778?
Cases in midwifery; with references, quotations, and remarks. 2 vols, 1781, 1783.
Select cases in the different species of insanity. 1787.
A remarkable case of madness, with the diet and medicines, used in the cure. 1791.
Poetic effusions; pastoral, moral, amatory, and descriptive. 1796.
Annals of insanity, comprising a variety of select cases in the different species of insanity, lunacy, or madness. 1800.