Jane West


Jane West was born in London, removing with her family to Desborough in Northamptonshire when she was eleven years old. She was self-educated, and by her own account a prolific poet from the age of thirteen. After her marriage to Thomas West (a relation of the poet Gilbert West) she published several volumes of poems and contributed to the Gentleman's Magazine. Later in life she was better known as a novelist. Her correspondence with Bishop Percy is preserved in Nichols, Illustrations of the Literary History of the XVIIIth Century.


1776An Elegy occasioned by a great Mortality in the Village where the Author resided.
1780 ca.Spring. An Ode.


Miscellaneous poems, written at an early period of life. 1786.
The humours of Brighthelmstone. 1788.
Edmund: a tragedy. 1791.
Miscellaneous poems and a tragedy. 1791.
The advantages of education, or the history of Miss Maria Williams. 2 vols, 1793.
A gossip's story, and a legendary tale. 2 vols, 1796.
An elegy on the death of Edmund Burke. 1797.
A tale of the times. 3 vols, 1799.
Poems and plays. 4 vols, 1799-1805.
Letters addressed to a young man on his first entrance into life. 3 vols, 1801.
The infidel father. 3 vols, 1802.
Letters to a young lady in which the duties and character of women are considered. 3 vols, 1806.
The mother: a poem in five books. 1809.
The refusal. 3 vols, 1810.
Scriptural essays. 2 vols, 1811.
The loyalists: an historical novel. 3 vols, 1812.
A select translation of The beauties of Massilon. 1812.
Alicia de Lacy: an historical romance. 4 vols, 1814.
Scriptural essays, adapted to the holidays of the Church of England with meditations. 2 vols, 1817.
Ringrove: or old fashioned notions. 2 vols, 1827.