Rev. John Newell Puddicombe

(1758-1797 fl.)

John Newell Puddicombe was born at Lyme Regis, the son of a chemist, and was educated at Pembroke College, Cambridge (B.A. 1778, M.A. 1781). He was usher at Dulwich College (1785-97). Puddicombe was an early bloomer, publishing a translation from the Latin in the Weekly Miscellany of Sherborne in Dorset in December 1773.


1782Sonnet, paraphrased from Petrarch.
1783Elegiac Stanzas, on the much-lamented Death of Major William Moore Caulfield.
1783Stanzas, written after some seasonable Rains.
1784An Irregular Ode; addressed to the Hon. William Pitt.
1784Regular Ode; addressed to the Honourable William Pitt.
1785Elegy on an infant Nephew.


Albion triumphant: or, Admiral Rodney's victory over the French fleet. A poem. 1782.
The British hero in captivity. A poem. Dedicated to his royal highness the Prince of Wales. 1782.
A sermon preached at Fitzroy-chapel, on the 8th of February, 1782, being the day appointed for a general fast. 1782.
Ode; addressed to the R. H. William Pitt. 1784.
Sermons. 1786.
Poem to the rev. messrs. Ramsey and Clarkson, Granville Sharp, esq. Capt Smith, and the respectable society of Quakers, on their benevolent exertions for the suppression of the slave trade. 1788.
Ode to his Majesty, on his happy recovery. 1789.