Charlotte Elizabeth Tonna


Charlotte Elizabeth, as she was known, was the daughter of Michael Browne, a minor canon of Norwich Cathedral. She lost her hearing at the age of ten. She moved to Ireland following her marriage to Captain James Phelan, from whom she separated in 1824. She joined the evangelical movement, publishing novels, tracts, and books for children, becoming a social reformer admired by Harriet Beecher Stowe. Late in life she married Lewis Hippoltytus J. Tonna.


1826My Brother.


Short stories for children. 1800.
Conformity. 1817.
The shepherd boy ; and The deluge. 1823.
Izram, a Mexican tale; and other poems. 1826.
Osric, a missionary tale with The garden, and other poems. 1826.
Philip and his garden. In four parts. 1826.
Allan M'Leod: the highland soldier. 1827.
A friendly address to converts from the Roman Catholic Church. 1827.
The system: a tale of the West Indies. 1827.
The glow-worm. 1828.
Juvenile stories. 1828.
The net of lemons. 1828.
Rachel: a tale. 1828.
Good and bad luck. 1829.
The hen and her chickens. 1829.
The Rockite: an Irish story. 1829.
Tales and illustrations: chiefly intended for young persons. 1829.
Anne Bell; or The faults. 1830.
The Newfoundland fishermen: a true story. 1830.
White lies. 1830.
An address to the Christian friends and supporters of the British and foreign Bible Society. 1831.
A letter to a friend ... on subjects that trouble the Church. 1831.
Short stories for children. 1831.
Ireland's crisis. 1832.
The museum. 1832.
Perseverance; or, Walter and his little school. 1832.
Derry: a tale of the revolution. 1833.
Memoir of John Britt: the happy mute. 1833.
The baby. 1835.
A few words on the eightieth psalm. 1835.
The nestlings: a true story. 1835.
Letters from Ireland, 1837. 1838.
Glimpses of the past. 1839.
Personal recollections. 1840.
Falsehood and truth; Conformity. 1841.
Helen Fleetwood. 1841.
Alice Benden: or, The bowed shilling: and other tales. 1842.
Dangers and duties. A tale. 1842.
Glimpses of the past. 1842.
The happy mute. 1842.
The English martyrology abridged from Fox. 1843.
Judah's lion. 1843.
The simple flower. And other tales. 1843.
The wrongs of woman: milliners and dress-makers. 1843.
The church visible in all ages. 1844.
The works of Charlotte Elizabeth with an introduction by Mrs. H. B. Stowe. 1845.
Posthumous and other poems. 1846.
Days of old. 1847.