George Peele

(1557 ca.-1596)

The son of a London salter and pageant-maker, George Peele began his theatrical career while a student at Oxford, where he was a contemporary of Thomas Lodge, Edward Dyer, and Philip Sidney (B.A. 1577, M.A. 1579). Peele married money and became an actor with the Lord Admiral's company. In addition to composing popular plays, his lyrics appeared in the Phoenix Nest, Englands Helicon, and Englands Parnassus. George Peele was the friend of Marlowe, Greene, and Nashe, and had the distinction of being variously accused of being a Puritan and a libertine.


1581 ca.The Araygnement of Paris.
1589An Eglogue. Gratulatorie to Robert Earl of Essex.
1593Ad Maecenatum Prologus.


The araygnement of Paris. 1584.
The device of the pageant borne before Woolstone Dixi Lord Maior of London. 1585.
A farewell entituled to the famous and fortunate generalls of our English forces. 1589.
An eglogue gratulatorie entituled to the Right Honorable ... Essex. 1589.
Polyhymnia: describing the honourable triumph at tylt before her Majestie. 1590.
Descensus Astrae: the device of a pageant. 1591.
The honour of the Garter, displaied in a poem. 1593.
The famous chronicle of King Edward the first. 1593.
The battell of Alcazar. 1594.
The old wives tale: a pleasant conceited comedie. 1595.
The love of King David. 1599.
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