Francis Rous the Elder


Francis Rous entered Broadgates Hall Oxford in 1593 at the young age of 12 (B.A. 1597), afterwards studying at Leyden and the Middle Temple (1601). In 1626 he was elected to Parliament for Truro, where he served for many years. He was an Independent and a member of Cromwell's Council of State (1653), and a much despised as the provost of Eton College during the Interregnum (1643). Rous's translation of the Psalms went through many editions.


1598Thule, or Vertues Historie. Book I.
1598Thule, or Vertues Historie. Book II.
1598Thule, or Vertues Historie: To the Reader.


Thule or vertues historie. 1598.
Meditations of instruction, of exhortation, of reprofe. 1616.
The arte of happines. 1619.
The oile of Scorpions. The miseries of these times turned into medicines and curing themselves. 1623.
Testis veritatis. The doctrine of King James. 1626.
The mystical mariage; or experimentall discoveries of the heavenly mariage betweene a soule and her saviour. 1635.
Archaeologiae attica libri tres. 1637.
The heavenly academie. 1638.
Mr Rous his speech before the Lords. 1640.
A religious and worth speech spoken by Mr. Rouse in Parliament. 1641.
Mr Rowse his speech made in the Lower House. 1641.
The psalmes of David in English meeter. 1643.
The ancient bounds, or liberty of conscience, tenderly stated. 1645.
The balme of love to heal divisions. 1648.
Works. 1657.
The bounds and bonds of publique obedience. 1649.
The lawfulness of obeying the present government. 1649.
Mella patrum nempe omnium. 1650.
Works of Francis Rous. 1657.
The great oracle: or, the main frame and body of the Scripture. 1718.