Lady Mary Wortley Montagu


The daughter of Evelyn Pierrepont, earl of Kingston, Lady Mary Wortley Montagu was privately educated. In 1712 she eloped with Edward Wortley Montagu, through whom she became connected with Addison's circle. In 1716 she accompanied her husband to Constantinople where he was ambassador, consequently becoming an early advocate for inoculation. Upon her return she quarreled with Pope in 1722; in 1739 she departed for the Continent where she spent the remainder of her life living in Italy and France.


1716Roxana: or, the Drawing-Room.
1716The Basset-Table. An Eclogue.
1716The Toilet.
1734The Bride in the Country; a Parody on Rowe's Ballad, "Despairing beside a Clear Stream," &c.


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The nonsense of common-sense. 1737-38.
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