Rev. Samuel Wesley


The son of a clergyman and father of John Wesley, founder of Methodism, the elder Samuel Wesley studied in London for the Independent ministry before attending Exeter College Oxford (B.A. 1688); he took his M.A. from Corpus Christi College Cambridge in 1694. He was a naval chaplain (circa 1689), joint-editor of the Athenian Gazette (1691-97), and Rector of South Ormsby, Lincolnshire (1690), Epworth, Lincolnshire (1695-1735), and Wroot, Lincolnshire (1722-35). After beginning his career as a dissenter, Wesley became an Anglican priest and a political Tory.


1685Dialogue, between a Thatcher and a Gardener, for Precedency, on Occasion of a Pot of Ale with this Inscription; Detur Digniori.
1685On a Cheese. A Pastoral.
1685On the Bear-fac'd Lady.
1691[The best Poem that was ever made.]
1693The Life of our Blessed Lord: The Preface.
1693[Instructive Books for young Readers.]
1700An Epistle to a Friend concerning Poetry.


Maggots: or poems on several occasions ... by a schollar. 1685.
The Athenian gazette [ed. John Dunton, Samuel Wesley, etc.] 1691.
The life of our blessed lord and saviour Jesus Christ: an heroic poem; also a prefatory discourse concerning heroic poetry. 1693.
Elegies on the Queen and Archbishop. 1695.
An epistle to a friend concerning poetry. 1700.
The pious communicant rightly prepared; or a discourse concerning the Blessed Sacrament. 1700.
History of the New Testament attempted in verse. 1701.
A letter from a country divine to his friend in London, concerning the education of the dissenters in their private academies. 1703.
History of the Old Testament in verse. 2 vols, 1704.
Marlborough: or the fate of Europe: a poem. 1705.
A letter from a country divine. 1706.
A reply to Mr. Palmer's vindication of the learning, loyalty, morals, and Christian behavior of the dissenters towards the Church of England. 1707.
A hymn on peace. To the prince of peace. 1713.
Dissertationes in librum Jobi. 1735.