Rev. Thomas Newcomb

(1682 ca.-1765)

The head master of Hackney School, Thomas Newcomb was the son of a clergyman (and great-grandson of Edmund Spenser) who studied at Corpus Christi College Oxford (B.A. 1704), where he formed a long-lived friendship with the poet Edward Young. Newcomb was afterwards chaplain to Charles Lennox (1701-50), the Duke of Richmond; he was Rector of Stopham, Sussex (1705) and Barlavington (1707-65).


1712Bibliotheca: A Poem.
1758Vindicta Britannica, an Ode on the Royal Navy.


An epistle from the Duke of Burgundy to the French king. 1709.
The happy rival or Venus mistaken. 1711.
Bibliotheca: a poem. 1712.
Pacata Britannia. A panegyrick to the queen. 1713.
An ode sacred to the memory of that truly pious and honourable lady, the Countess of Berkeley. 1717.
Two poems. 1718.
Carmen seculare, presented to the ... king. 1720?
An ode to his grace the Duke of Richmond. 1720.
Scating: a poem. By Mr Addison [Newcomb]. 1720.
The Roman history of C. Velleius Paterculus... translated. 1721.
Verses to the right honourable the Earl of Cadogan. 1722.
The last judgment of men and angels. A poem, in twelve books. 1723.
An ode on the general conflagration; written in the plan of Dr Burnet. 1725.
Sacred hymns. 1726.
Verses to his grace the Duke of Richmond. 1726.
An ode to the queen. 1727.
Blasphemy as old as the creation: or, the Newgate divine. 1730.
An ode to his grace the Duke of Newcastle. 1732.
The manners of the age: in thirteen moral satirs. 1733.
Verses to the injur'd patriot. 1733.
The woman of taste. 1733.
An ode to Mr Ellis, occasioned by a beautiful painting of the honourable Mr Walpole. 1737.
A supplement to One thousand seven hundred thirty eight. Not written by Mr Pope. 1738.
A miscellaneous collection of original poems. 1740.
A supplement to a late excellent poem entitled, Are these things so? 1740.
Vindicta Britannica: an ode, to the real patriot. 1740.
An ode to the right honourable the E—l of O—d, in retirement. 1742.
A collection of odes and epigrams. 1743.
Verses left in a grotto in Richmond Garden. 1744.
An epistle to his royal highness the Duke of Cumberland, on his voyage to Holland. 1746.
An ode, presented to his royal highness the Duke of Cumberland, on his return from Scotland. 1746.
An ode inscrib'd to the memory of the late Earl of Orford. 1747.
The oracle, an ode inscrib'd to Sir Edward Hawke. 1747.
The consummation, a sacred ode on the final dissolution of the world. 1752.
Mr. Hervey's Contemplations on a flower garden done into blank verse. 1757; 1764.
Vindicta Britannica, on ode on the royal navy. 1758.
Noves Epigrammatum delectus: or, original state epigrams, and minor odes. 1760.
A congratulatory ode to the Queen. 1761.
Death of Abel. 1763.
On the success of the British arms. 1763.