Allan Ramsay


Allan Ramsay was born in Lanarkshire and educated at the parish school before being apprenticed to an Edinburgh wigmaker (1701). He established his reputation as a poet as the laureate of the Jacobite "Easy Club" (1715). After turning bookseller in 1718, Ramsay published two important anthologies of Scottish verse, The Tea-Table Miscellany and the Evergreen. His pastoral drama The Gentle Shepherd was performed and reprinted throughout the eighteenth century and beyond.


1719Richy and Sandy, a Pastoral on the Death of Mr. Joseph Addison.
1720Patie and Roger: a Pastoral.
1721Keitha: a Pastoral, lamenting the Death of the right honourable Mary Countess of Wigtoun.
1721Robert, Richy and Sandy. A Pastoral.
1723Jenny and Meggy. A Pastoral.
1724The Vision.
1725The Gentle Shepherd.
1728Epistle to Mr. John Gay.


A poem to the memory of the famous Archibald Pitcairn M.D. 1713.
On this great eclipse: a poem. 1715.
Christ's kirk on the green in two cantos. 1718.
Edinburgh's address to the country. 1718?
Elegies on Maggy Johnston, John Cowper and Lucky Wood. 1718.
Elegy on Lady Wood. 1718?
Lucky Spence's last advice. 1718?
The scriblers lash'd. 1718.
Tartana or the plaid. 1718.
Content: a poem. 1719.
An epistle to W[illiam] H[amilton]. 1720?
Familiar epistles between W[illiam] H[amilton] and A[llan] R[amsay]. 1719.
Richy and Sandy: a pastoral on the death of Mr Joseph Addison. 1719?
Bessy Bell and Mary Gray. 1720?
Edinburgh's saluation to the most Honourable My Lord Marquess of Carnavon. 1720.
Grubstreet nae satyre, in answer to Bagpipes no musick. 1720?
To Mr. Law. 1720.
An ode with a pastoral recitative on the marriage of the Rt. Hon. James Earl of Wemyss. 1720.
Patie and Roger: a pastoral. 1720.
A poem on the South Sea. 1720.
Poems. 1720.
The prospect of plenty: a poem on the North-Sea fishery. 1720.
The young laird and Edinburgh Katie. 1720?
An elegy on Patie Birnie. 1721.
The rise and fall of stocks 1720: an epistle. 1721.
Robert, Richy, and Sandy: a pastoral on the death of Matthew Prior esq. 1721.
Fables and tales. 1722.
Fy gar rub her o're wi strae: an Italian canzone. 1722?
A tale of three bonnets. 1722.
The fair assembly: a poem. 1723.
Jenny and Maggie, a pastoral. 1723.
The nuptials: a masque on the marriage of his Grace James Duke of Hamilton. 1723.
The tea-table miscellany [ed. Ramsay]. 1723-27.
Health: a poem. 1724.
Miscellaneous works. 1724.
The monk and the miller's wife: or all parties pleas'd. 1724.
Mouldy-Mowdiwart: or the last speech of a wretched miser. 1724.
The poetick sermon: to R[obert] Y[arde]. 1724.
On pride: an epistle. 1724.
On the Royal Company of Archers. 1724.
On seeing the archers diverting themselves at the butts and rovers. 1724.
The ever-green [ed. Ramsay]. 1724.
The gentle shepherd. 1726.
Poems. 2 vols, 1728.
A collection of Scots proverbs. 1737.
The vision compylit in Latin be a most lernit clerk. 1748.
The domine depos'd. 1780.
Poems. 2 vols, 1797.
Works, ed. B. Martin and J. W. Oliver. 6 vols, 1951-74.