Alexander Pope


As a Roman Catholic, Alexander Pope was privately educated. For a time he was associated with Addison's Little Senate, though he afterwards inclined towards the Tories with his Scriblerian friends, Swift, Gay, Arbuthnot, and Atterbury. The translations of Homer made Pope financially and politically independent; he retired to Twickenham and devoted the remainder of his life to poetry, gardening, and opposition politics. In his will Pope catalogues a marble bust of Spenser given him by Frederick, Prince of Wales (along with busts of Shakespeare, Milton, and Dryden). His annotated copy of the 1611 folio of Spenser's Works is at Hartlebury Castle, Worcester.


1709Autumn. The Third Pastoral, or Hylas and Aegon.
1709Spring. The First Pastoral, or Damon.
1709Summer. The Second Pastoral, or Alexis.
1709Winter. The Fourth Pastoral, or Daphne.
1713Guardian 40 [On Philips's Pastorals.]
1714The Rape of the Lock.
1717A Discourse on Pastoral Poetry.
1727The Alley. An Imitation of Spencer.
1728The Dunciad. An Heroic Poem.
1737 ca.Part of the Ninth Ode of the Fourth Book [of Horace].
1737The First Epistle of the Second Book of Horace, imitated.
1740 ca.[Design for a Literary History of England.]
1743The Dunciad, in Four Books.


An essay on criticism. 1711.
The critical specimen. 1711.
The rape of the lock. 1712, 1714.
The narrative of Dr Robert Norris concerning ... John Denni[s]. 1713.
Ode for musick. 1713.
Windsor-Forest. 1713.
The Iliad of Homer [trans. Pope]. 1715-20.
The temple of fame: a vision. 1715.
A key to the lock. 1715.
The dignity, use and abuse of glass bottles. 1715.
God's revenge against punning. 1716.
A full and true account... of Mr. Edmund Curll, bookseller. 1716.
A further account ... of Mr. Edmund Curll. 1716.
A Roman Catholick version of the first Psalm. 1716.
To the ingeneous Mr Moore, author of the celebrated worm-powder. 1716.
The court ballad. 1717.
Works of Mr. Alexander Pope. 1717, 1735.
Duke upon duke. 1720.
Works of John Sheffield, duke of Buckingham, ed. Pope. 2 vols, 1723.
Works of Shakespear, ed. Pope. 6 vols, 1725.
The Odyssey of Homer [trans. Pope, et. al.] 5 vols, 1725-26.
The discovery. 1727.
Miscellanies in prose and verse. 2 vols, 1727; 3 vols, 1732.
The dunciad: an heroic poem in three books. 1728.
The dunciad variorum. 1729.
On the use of riches, an epistle to Bathurst. 1732.
An epistle to Cobham. 1733.
An essay on Man. 1733-34.
The impertinent [Donne]. 1733.
The first satiare of the second book of Horace, imitated. 1733.
An epistle to Dr Arbuthnot. 1734.
Sober advice from Horace. 1734.
Of the characters of women. 1735.
Letters of Mr Pope. 1735.
A narrative of the method by which the private letters of Mr Pope have been procured and published by Edmund Curll. 1735.
Bounce to Fop. 1736.
Works of Mr. Alexander Pope. 4 vols, 1736.
The first epistle to the second book of Horace imitated. 1737.
Horace his ode to Venus imitated. 1737.
The second book of the epistles of Horace imitated. 1737.
The second epistle of the second book of Horace imitated. 1737.
Works of Mr. Alexander Pope, in prose. 1737.
Epistles of Horace imitated. 1738.
The first epistle of the first book of Horace imitated. 1738.
An imitation of the sixth satire of the second book of Horace. 1738.
One thousand seven hundred and thirty eight. 1738.
One thousand seven hundred and thirty eight, dialogue ii. 1738.
Poems and imitations of Horace. 1738.
The sixth epistle of the first book of Horace imitated. 1738.
The universal prayer. 1738.
Selecta poemata Italorum qui latine scripserunt. 2 vols, 1740.
A blast upon bayes; or a new lick at the Laureate. 1742.
The new dunciad. 1742.
The dunciad in four books. 1743.
The last will and testament. 1744.
The character of Katherine, late Duchess of Buckinghamshire and Normansby. 1746.
Works, ed William Warburton. 9 vols, 1751.
Works, ed. Joseph Warton. 9 vols, 1797.
Works, ed. William Lisle Bowles. 10 vols, 1806.
Works, ed. W. Elwin and W. J. Courthope. 10 vols, 1871-89.
Twickenham edition, ed. John Butt. 10 vols, 1940-67.