Rev. Glocester Ridley


Glocester Ridley studied at Winchester School and New College Oxford (Fellow 1724-34, B.C.L. 1729, D.D. by diploma 1767); he was Rector of Romford, Essex (1751) and prebendary of Salisbury (1766-74). Ridley was a friend of Bishop Lowth, Joseph Spence and Christopher Pitt, all of Winchester and Oxford. Robert Dodsley, also a friend, encouraged him to write and published his verse in his Collection of Poems. Ridley's minor verse is collected in Nichols, Select Collection (1780-84) vol. 8. As his son was educated at Winchester, Ridley likely knew Joseph Warton.


1727To Queen Caroline, on the Death of K. George I.
1746[To Joseph Spence, with an Imitation of Spencer.]
1747Psyche: or, the Great Metamorphosis. A Poem, written in imitation of Spencer.
1747[To Joseph Spence, criticisms on Psyche.]
1765Melampus: Introduction.
1765Melampus: or the Religious Groves. Canto I. Fear.
1765Melampus: or the Religious Groves. Canto II. Trust.
1765Melampus: or the Religious Groves. Canto III. Love.
1765Melampus: or the Religious Groves. Canto IV. Joy.


The Christian Passover. Four sermons. 1736, 1770.
Eight sermons on the divinity and operations of the Holy Ghost. 1742.
Jovi eleutherio: or, an offering to liberty. 1745.
Constitution in church and state. Three sermons preached on occasion of the present rebellion. 1746.
A sermon preached before the ... trustees for establishing the colony of Georgia. 1746.
God's threatnings against sinful nations. A sermon. 1750.
The good Christian never dies. A sermon. 1750.
The blessing of religion to civil societies. A sermon. 1753.
The difference and respective use of the moral, civil, and ceremonial law. A sermon. 1753.
The Lord's Prayer considered. A sermon. 1755.
A sermon preached before some of the clergy. 1757.
A sermon... to which is annexed an account of the Society for the Promoting Christian Knowledge. 1758.
De Syriacarum novi foederis versionum indole atque usu dissertatio. 1761.
The life of Dr. Nicholas Ridley. 1763.
A sermon preached before the ... governors of the City of London Lying-in Hospital for married women. 1764.
Review of Mr. Phillips's History of the life of Pole. 1765.
A letter to the author of The confessional. 1768.
A second letter to the author of the Confessional [with Thomas Secker, archbishop of Canterbury]. 1768.
A third letter to the author of The Confessional. 1768.
Three letters to the author of The confessional. 1768.
Melampus, or the religious grove. 1781.
Poems in Select Collection of Poems, ed. John Nichols, vol. 8. 1784.