Bp. Robert Lowth


The son of a prebendary of Winchester, Robert Lowth was educated at New College (B.A. 1733, Fellow 1737, M.A. 1737, Professor of Poetry at Oxford 1741-51, D.D. by diploma, 1754). Lowth held a number of clerical positions before becoming archdeacon of Winchester (1750), prebendary of Durham (1755), Bishop of St. David's (1766), Bishop of Oxford (1766-77), and Bishop of London (1777); he declined the offer of the primacy. Lowth was a fellow classmate at Winchester and Oxford of Christopher Pitt, Glocester Ridley and Joseph Spence; he assisted John Nichols in choosing poems for the Select Collection of Poems (1780-84).


1743The Judgment of Hercules, a Poem.
1746An Ode to the People of Great Britain. In imitation of the Sixth Ode of the Third Book of Horace.
1761[Untitled, "At length the gallant Navy from afar."]
1761[Untitled, "In blooming Majesty, and graceful State."]


De sacre poesi Hebraeorum. 1753, trans. G. Gregory, 2 vols, 1787.
The genealogy of Christ ... A poem. 1729.
De sacra poesi Hebraeorum. 1753.
A sermon preached ... before the governors of the infirmary. 1757.
Life of William of Wykham. 1758.
A sermon preached at the visitation ... at Durham. 1758.
A letter to the Right Reverend Dr. Warburton. 1760.
A short introduction to English grammar. 1762.
A sermon preached at the assizes holden at Durham. 1764.
Letter to the Right Reverend author of the Divine legation [W. Warburton]. 1765.
A larger confutation of Bishop Hare's system of Hebrew meter. 1766.
The second part of a literary correspondence [between Lowth and Warburton]. 1766?
A sermon preached before the Lords. 1767.
A sermon preached before the governors of the Radcliffe infirmary. 1771.
A sermon preached before the Society for the propagation of the Gospels in foreign parts. 1771.
A sermon preached before the society... for promoting English Protestant working-schools in Ireland. 1773.
A sermon preached at the Chapel Royal of St. James Palace. 1779.
Isaiah. 1779.
A letter from the bishop of London to the clergy of his diocese. 1784.
Sermons, and other remains. 1834.
Twelve anniversary sermons. 1845.