Bp. Richard Hurd


The son of a Staffordshire farmer, Richard Hurd entered Emmanuel College Cambridge as a sizar (B.A. 1739, M.A. 1742, Fellow, 1742, B.D. 1749, D.D. 1768). He was ordained in 1744 and was curate of St. Andrew-the-Less, Cambridge (1753-56), Rector of Thurcaston, Leicestershire (1756-76); preacher at Lincoln's Inn (1765); Bishop of Lichfield and Coventry (1774-81) and Bishop of Worcester (1781-1808). In 1776 Hurd was preceptor to the Prince of Wales and Duke of York; his close association with his patron William Warburton attracted comment and controversy.


1748[Ode on the Peace of Aix la Chapelle.]
1757A Letter to Mr. Mason; on the Marks of Imitation.
1762On Chivalry and Romance: Letter VIII.
1772An Introduction to the Study of the Prophecies.


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The opinion of an eminent lawyer, concerning the right of appeal. 1751.
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Dialogues on the uses of foreign travel. 1764.
Letter to the Rev'd Dr. T. Leland. 1764.
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