Tobias Smollett


Tobias Smollett was educated at Glasgow University; he emigrated to London in 1739 to practice as a surgeon. As such he served in the navy (1741-43) before establishing a practice in Downing Street, London (M.D. 1750). Smollett's first novel, Roderick Random (1748), established his literary reputation. He traveled to France (1750), reviewed for the Monthly Review (1751-52) and was editor of The Critical Review (1756-63). In failing health, Smollett departed for Italy in 1768, where he died shortly after composing Humphry Clinker, his most successful novel.


1751[Burlesque Elegy.]
1771The Expedition of Humphry Clinker.


Advice: a satire; Reproof: a satire. 1746.
The adventures of Gil Blas [trans.] 1748, 1759.
The adventures of Roderick Random. 2 vols, 1748.
The regicide, or James the First of Scotland: a tragedy. 1749.
The adventures of Peregrin Pickle. 4 vols, 1751.
An essay on the external use of water in a letter. 1752.
The adventures of Ferdinand Count Fathom. 2 vols, 1753.
Select essays on commerce, agriculture, mines... [trans.] 1754.
The history and adventures of Don Quixote [trans.] 2 vols, 1755.
The reprisal, or the tars of Old England: a comedy. 1757.
Works of M. de Voltaire, translated. 38 vols, 1761-74.
The life and adventures of Lancelot Greaves. 2 vols, 1762.
The history and adventures of an atom. 2 vols, 1769.
A complete history of England. 1757-65.
Travels through France and Italy. 2 vols, 1766.
The expedition of Humphry Clinker. 3 vols, 1771.
Ode to independence. 1773.
Select works. 8 vols, 1775-56.
Miscellaneous works. 6 vols, 1790.
Works. 8 vols, 1797.
Letters, ed. Knapp. 1970.