Rev. William Dodd


The son of a Lincolnshire clergyman, William Dodd attended Clare College Cambridge (B.A. 1750, M.A. 1759, LL.D, 1766). Dodd was lecturer at West Hampstead, chaplain at Magdalen House (1758), chaplain to the King (1763-74), prebendary of Brecon (1763), Rector of Hockliffe and Chalgrave, Bedfordshire (1772), and Vicar of Wing, Buckinghamshire (1775-77). A popular preacher, he tutored the son of the earl of Chesterfield. Dodd's ambitions and habit of living beyond his means got him into considerable trouble, culminating in a failed attempt at forgery and a celebrated trial. Despite Samuel Johnson's efforts to win clemency, Dodd was executed at Tyburn.


1747Diggon Davy's Resolution on the Death of his Last Cow. A Pastoral.
1748A Pastoral.
1750A Day in Vacation at College. A Mock-Heroic Poem.
1750The Parsons. An Eclogue.
1760Sonnet, occasioned by hearing a young Lady sing Spenser's Amoretti, &c.
1760 ca.Sonnet. Occasioned by reading The Truth and Importance of Natural and Revealed Religion.
1763[Moral Pastorals:] Pastoral the Third. The Servant.
1767Moral Pastorals: Pastoral the Fifth. The Husband and Wife.
1767Moral Pastorals: Pastoral the First. The Son.
1767Moral Pastorals: Pastoral the Fourth. The Mother.
1767Moral Pastorals: Pastoral the Second. The Good Old Woman.
1767Moral Pastorals: Pastoral the Sixth. The Benevolent Man.
1767Moral Pastorals: Preface.


Diggon Davy: a pastoral, on the death of his last cow. 1747.
The African prince when in England to Zara. 1749.
Zara at the Court of Annamaboe to the African Prince. 1749.
A new book of the Dunciad. 1750.
An elegy on the death of the Prince of Wales. 1751.
A day in vacation at college: a burlesque poem. 1751.
The beauties of Shakespeare. 2 vols, 1752.
An epistle to a lady concerning truths in religion. 1753.
A sermon preached ... before the president and governors of the city lying-in hospital. 1754.
The sisters: or the history of Lucy and Caroline Sanson. 2 vols, 1754.
The hymns of Callimachus translated. 1755.
The sinful Christian condemn'd by his own prayers. A sermon. 1755.
The easiness of Christ's yoke. A sermon. 1756.
The nature and necessity of fasting. 1756.
Discourses on the miracles and parables. 4 vols, 1757-58.
Thoughts on the epiphany of Christ: a poetical essay. 1758.
Hall, Joseph, Contemplations on the histories of the New Testament. [ed. Dodd]. 2 vols, 1759.
Ode to the Marchioness of Granby. 1759.
A sermon preached ... before the Governors of the Magdalen House. 1759.
Unity recommended in a sermon. 1759.
The Christian's magazine: or a treasury of divine knowledge [ed. Dodd]. 1760-67.
Hymn to good nature. 1760.
A sermon ... preached at the Chapel of the Magdalen House. 1760.
The wisdom and goodness of God in the vegetable kingdom. A sermon. 1760.
Account of the Magdalen charity. 1761.
A conference between mystic, an Huchinsonian, and others. 1761.
The wisdom and goodness of God in the vegetable kingdom farther considered in a second sermon. 1761.
The wisdom and goodness of God in the vegetable kingdom farther considered in a third sermon. 1761.
A familiar explication of the poetical works of Milton. 1762.
The frequency of capital punishments inconsistent with justice, sound policy, and religion. 1762?
A sermon [preached before] the governors of the Magdalen Charity. 1762.
Youth dissuaded from vice; in a discourse. 1763.
Comfort for the afflicted ... with suitable devotions. 1764.
The visitor, by several hands [ed. Dodd]. 2 vols, 1764.
The Holy Bible with a commentary and practical improvements. 3 vols, 1765-70.
A commonplace book to the Bible. 1766.
Mutual knowledge in a future state ... in a sermon. 1766.
Poems. 1767.
The practice of inoculation recommended. A sermon. 1767?
Popery inconsistent with the natural rights of man in general, and of Englishmen in particular. A sermon. 1768.
Cautions against Methodism ... in a sermon. 1769.
Reflections on death. 1769.
A sermon ... preached before the ... governors of the Magdalen Hospital. 1769.
Sermons to young men. 3 vols, 1771.
The prisoner released. A sermon. 1772.
Compassion to infants enforced, in a sermon. 1773.
An oration delivered at the dedication of Free-Mason's Hall. 1776.
A sermon ... before the humane society. 1776.
The convict's address to his unhappy brethren. 1777.
Occasional papers, by the late William Dodd [with Samuel Johnson]. 1777.
A sermon preached by Dr. Dodd in the Chapel of Newgate to his unhappy brethren [with Samuel Johnson]. 1777.
Thoughts in prison, in five parts. 1777.
The beauties of history: or pictures of virtue and vice. 1795.
A journey from Margate ... in the year 1763 in Waldron, A collection of miscellaneous poetry. 1802.
Moral pastorals and other poems. 1824.