Rev. James Scott


The son of a Yorkshire clergyman, James Scott attended St. Catherine's College Cambridge (B.A. from Trinity, 1757, Fellow 1758, M.A. 1760, B.D. 1768, D.D. 1775); he won the Seatonian prize for poetry in 1760, 1761, and 1762. Scott was a lecturer at St John's, Leeds (1758-69), curate at Edmunton (1760-61), and rector of Simonburn, Northumberland (1771-91); he edited The Scrutator (1764) and in the Public Advertiser contributed political diatribes under the pseudonym "Anti-Sejanus." After Scott was given the Simonbourn (said to be worth 5000 p.a.) by the libertine Lord Sandwich, he engaged in a legal battle over tithes and was forced to flee when his parishioners attempted to murder him.


1760Heaven: a Vision.
1761A Spousal Hymn, or an Address to his Majesty on his Marriage.
1761On Despair.
1761On Pleasure.
1761On Sleep.
1761To Friendship.
1761To Wisdom.
1762An Hymn to Repentance.
1763The Redemption: a Monody.
1763To the Right Honourable the Earl of Bute.
1767The Vanity of Human Life, a Monody.


Heaven, a vision. 1760.
Odes on several subjects. 1761.
Purity of heart, a moral epistle. 1761.
A spousal hymn, or an address to his Majesty. 1761.
An hymn to repentance. 1762.
Every man the architect of his own fortune: or the art of rising in the church: a satire. 1763.
Redemption, a monody. 1763.
How far a state of dependence and a sense of gratitude should influence our conduct. A sermon. 1764.
The perils of poetry, an epistle to a friend. 1766.
A farewell sermon preached at Trinity Church in Leeds. 1769.
A sermon preached at the visitation held at Wakefield. 1769?
A sermon preached at Huntington. 1770.
Bethesda; or, the house of mercy. A sermon. 1777.
A sermon preached at York ... for the benefit of the lunatic assylum. 1780.
A sermon preached at York. 1781.
A sermon [on] the day appointed for a general fast. 1793.
Equality considered and recommended. A sermon. 1794.
Sermons on interesting subjects. 1816.