Mary Robinson


"Perdita" Robinson, the daughter of a Bristol merchant, was educated at Bristol by Hannah More; she taught school with her mother at Chelsea. Patronized by the Duchess of Devonshire and tutored by David Garrick Robinson became one of the most successful actresses of the age. She was for a time mistress of the Prince of Wales, who granted an annuity. After retiring to France, she lived for fifteen years as the mistress of Colonel Banastre Tarleton. In later years, suffering paralysis from the waist down, she became a popular writer and was acquainted with Godwin and Coleridge. Robinson wrote under the pseudonym "Laura Maria."


1775A Pastoral Ballad.
1786Elegy to the Memory of Werter.
1788 ca.Ode to Della Crusca.
1789Ode to Melancholy.
1790 ca.Ode to Despair.
1790 ca.Ode to Envy.
1790 ca.Ode to Hope.
1792Ode to Humanity.
1793A Fragment. Supposed to be written near the Temple on the Night before the Murder of Louis XVI.
1793Marie Antoinette's Lamentation, in her Prison of the Temple.
1793Ode to Rapture.
1793The Cavern of Woe.
1793The Foster Child, in imitation of Spenser.
1794Ode for the 18th Day of January, 1794.
1794Ode for the New Year.
1796The Storm.
1797[Lines, in imitation of Spencer.]
1800London's Summer Morning.
1800The Negro Girl.
1800The Nettle and the Daisy.
1800The Poet's Garret.
1800The Shepherd's Dog.


Elegiac verses to a young lady on the death of her brother. 1775.
Poems. 1775.
Captivity: a poem; and Celadon and Lydia: a tale. 1777.
The songs, choruses, etc in The lucky escape, a comic opera. 1778.
The memoirs of Perdita. 1784; 4 vols, 1801.
Poems. 2 vols, 1791-93.
Monody to the memory of Sir Joshua Reynolds. 1792.
Vancenza: or the daughters of credulity. 2 vols, 1792.
Modern manners: a poem, by Horace Juvenal. 1793.
Monody to the memory of the late Queen of France. 1793.
An ode to the harp of Louisa Hanway. 1793.
Sight, the Cavern of woe, and solitude. 1793.
Angelina: a novel. 3 vols, 1796.
Hubert de Sevrac: a romance. 3 vols, 1796.
Sappho and Phaon. In a series of legitimate sonnets. 1796.
The Sicilian lover: a tragedy. 1796.
Walsingham, or the pupil of nature: a domestic story. 4 vols, 1797.
The false friend: a domestic story. 4 vols, 1799.
Letter to the women of England on the injustice of mental subordination. 1799.
The natural daughter: a novel. 2 vols, 1799.
Ellinda: or the abbey of St Aubert. 1800.
Laura Maria, The mistletoe. 1800.
Lyrical tales. 1800.
Picture of Palermo [J. Hager, trans.] 1800.
Memoirs, with some posthumous pieces. 4 vols, 1801.
Poetical works. 3 vols, 1806.
Poetical works. 1824.
Bounding billows. 1835.
Effusions of love. nd.
Impartial reflections on the Queen of France. nd.
Thoughts on the condition of women. nd.
Selected Poems, ed. J. Pascoe. 1999.