Thomas Campbell


The son of a merchant, Thomas Campbell studied at Glasgow University (1791-96), studied law, and worked as a tutor in the Highlands. He published his best known poem, The Pleasures of Hope, in 1799. Campbell traveled in Whig circles, and was awarded a pension in 1805. He was editor of the New Monthly Magazine (1821-30) and later elected rector of Glasgow University (1826). Campbell, along with Walter Scott, was to have edited a collected British Poets which seems to have been thwarted by Chalmers's Poets (1810); he did edit Specimens of the British Poets (1819) with extensive commentary.


1799The Pleasures of Hope.
1801Lines, written upon seeing the unclaimed Corpse of a Suicide exposed upon the Bank of a River.
1808Review of Percival Stockdale, Lectures on the truly eminent English Poets.
1808Stanzas to the Memory of the Spanish Patriots latest killed, in resisting the Regency and the Duke of Angouleme.
1809Gertrude of Wyoming; a Pennsylvanian Tale.
1819Essay on English Poetry. Part I.
1819Essay on English Poetry. Part II.
1819Essay on English Poetry. Part III.
1819Specimens of the British Poets: Edmund Spenser.
1828Lines on Revisiting a Scottish River.


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The pleasures of hope, with other poems. 1799.
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Annals of Great Britain from the ascension of George III [by Campbell?]. 3 vols, 1807.
Gertrude of Wyoming: a Pennsylvanian tale, and other poems. 1809.
Poetical works. 2 vols, 1810.
Poetical works. 1815.
Specimens of the British poets, with biographical and critical notes, and An essay on English poetry. 7 vols, 1819.
New monthly magazine [editor]. 1821-30.
Miscellaneous poems. 1824.
Theodoric: a domestic tale, and other poems. 1824.
Inaugural discourse on being installed Lord Rector of the University of Glasgow. 1827.
Poetical works. 2 vols, 1828.
The metropolitan: a monthly journal. Editor, 1831-32.
Poland: a poem; Lines on the view from St. Leonard's. 1831.
Address de la societe litteraire polonaise de Londres au peuple de la Grande Bretagne. 1832.
The life of Mrs. Siddons. 2 vols, 1834.
Letters from the south. 2 vols, 1837.
The dramatic works of William Shakespeare, with remarks on his life and writings. 1838.
Memoir of Dugald Stewart. 1838.
The scenic annual for 1838 [ed. Campbell]. 1838.
The life of Petrarch. 2 vols, 1841.
The pilgrim of Glencoe, and other poems. 1842.
History of our own times. 2 vols, 1843.
Life and letters, ed. William Beattie. 3 vols, 1849.
Poetical works, ed. by W. Alfred Hill. 1851.
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