Robert Greene


The son of a saddler, Robert Greene was born at Norwich; he entered St. John's, Cambridge as a sizar in 1575 (B.A. 1580, M.A. from Clare College 1583) and was incorporated at Oxford in 1588. Leading a dissolute life, Greene traveled in Italy and Spain, abandoned his family; he published plays and romances and was the center of literary controversy. He was attacked by Gabriel Harvey (Greene had ridiculed the use of English hexameters) and defended by Thomas Nashe. His spiteful early criticism of Shakespeare rendered him notorious.


1589Dorons Eclogue joyned with Carmelas.
1590The Song of a Countrie Swaine at the Returne of Philador.
1591Prologue to The Comicall Historie of Alphonsus.


Mamillia: a mirrour or looking glasse for the ladies of England. 1583.
Arbasto: the anatomie of fortune. 1584.
Gwydonius: the carde of fancie. 1584.
The debate between follie and love. 1584.
Morando: the tritameron of love. 1584, 1587.
The myrrour of modestie. 1584.
Planetomachia. 1585.
Euphues his censure to Philautus. 1587.
Penelopes web. 1587.
Alcida: Greenes metamorphosis. 1588.
Pandosto: the triumph of time. 1592.
Perimedes the blacke-smith. 1588.
Ciceronis amor: Tullies love. 1589.
Menaphon: Camillas alarum to slumbering Euphues. 1589.
The Spanish masquerado. 1589.
Greenes never too late. 1590.
Greenes mourning garment. 1590.
The Royal exchange. 1590.
Greenes farewell to folly. 1591.
A maydens dream; upon the death of Christopher Hatton. 1591.
A notable discovery of coosnage. 1591.
The blacke bookes messenger. 1592.
Philomela: the Lady Fitzwaters nightengale. 1592.
A quip for an upstart courtier. 1592.
Greenes groats-worth of witte. 1592.
The repentence of Robert Greene. 1592.
Mamillia: the second part of the triumph of Paris. 1593.
The historie of Orlando Furioso. 1594.
The honorable historie of Frier Bacon and Frier Bongay. 1594.
The Scottish historie of James the Fourth. 1598.
The comicall historie of Alphonsus King of Aragon. 1599.
Greenes Orpharion. 1599.
A paire of turtle doves; or the tragicall historie of Bellora and Fidelio. 1606.
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