Bp. Joseph Hall

James Granger, in Biographical History of England (1769; 1824) 2:336-37.

Joseph Hall, styled the Christian Seneca, from his sententious manner of writing, was justly celebrated for his piety, wit, learning, and extensive knowledge of mankind. He was one of the divines sent by James I. to the synod of Dort, before which he preached an excellent Latin sermon. In his younger years he composed a book of Satires, and was the first writer in that kind, of our English poets. Mr. Pope has, in conversation, been known to say high things of this performance. His works, not including his Satires, were printed in five volumes in folio. The last mentioned work, first published in 1597, was reprinted in octavo, 1753. A beautiful little tract of his, entitled, Henochismus, sive Tractatus de Modo ambulandi cum Deo, was printed at Oxford, 1762. This alone may serve as a specimen of his genius and his piety. Ob. Sept. 8, 1656, Aet. 82.