Rev. William Slatyer

James Granger, in Biographical History of England (1769; 1824) 2:66.

William Slater, or Slatyer, was born in Somersetshire, and received his education at Oxford, where he took the degree of doctor of divinity in 1623; having acquired a very considerable reputation, for his poetical talent, and his knowledge of English history. He was author of Elegies and Epitaphes on Anne of Denmark, to whom he was chaplain. They were written in Hebrew, Greek, Latin, and English; and printed in 1619. He also published Psalms, or Songs of Sion, turned into the Language and set to the Tunes of a strange Land. Psalms in four languages, with musical notes engraved on copper: to one of the tunes is prefixed the name of Milton, the father of our great poet. I am very credibly informed, that the head was placed before an edition of this book dated 1650; but it is certain, that it was not then published by the author, who died at Ottenden, in Kent, 1647. His Palae-Albion, or the History of Great Britain from the first peopling of this Island to the Reign of King James, London, 1621, folio, in Latin and English verse, is his capital work; of this the English marginal notes are the more valuable part. His genealogy of King James, deduced from Adam, is a laborious trifle.