Rev. William Hayward Roberts

Nathan Drake, in Essays Illustrative of the Rambler (1809-10) 2:311-12.

WILLIAM HAYWARD ROBERTS, D.D. was educated at King's College, Cambridge; where, after the usual previous degrees, he was created Doctor of Divinity in 1773, and, in 1781, succeeded Dr. Barnard as provost of Eton College. The productions of Dr. Roberts are chiefly poetical; and of these, his Judah Restored, in six books, printed in two vols, 8vo. in 1775, is a respectable proof of his talents, his piety, and his genius. He died at Eton in 1791; and about three years after his decease, were published by his son, his father's Corrections of various Passages in the English Version of the Old Testament; a work of considerable value.

Dr. Roberts was the author of No. 45 of the World; a most witty and ingenious paper on the subject of posts, and, in a ludicrous point of view, inferior to none in the collection.