William Camden

James Granger, in Biographical History of England (1769; 1824) 2:141-42.

The world is much indebted to this great man, as an historian, an antiquary, a schoolmaster, and a founder. His Annuals of Queen Elizabeth, in Latin, the materials for which were supplied by Lord Burleigh, is one of the best historical productions of the moderns. His Britannia rendered his name famous throughout Europe; and his Greek grammar has gone through above a hundred editions. He founded a professorship of history at Oxford; for which he may be reckoned among the first benefactors of that university, and the learned world. His Britannia, which was first published in octavo, 1586, is now improved to three volumes in folio by Mr. Gough. The valuable additions to that work by Dr. Gibson, late bishop of London, are worthy of the great pains and industry of the author: they are indeed worthy of Camden himself. Ob. 9 Nov. 1623, Aet. 73.