Rev. William Alabaster

James Granger, in Biographical History of England (1769; 1824) 2:351-52.

William Alabaster, who received his education in the university of Cambridge, was one of the best Latin poets of this age. He was also particularly eminent for his skill in the Greek and oriental languages. He was, for a short time, a convert to the church of Rome, and published seven motives for his conversion; but he soon saw many more for his returning to the church of England. He applied himself much to cabalistic learning, which is admirably contrived to make the Scriptures speak any sense, or no sense at all. The text of the sermon which he preached for his doctor's degree, was the first verse, of the first chapter, of the first book, of Chronicles, namely, Adam, Sheth, Enosh. The most considerable of his works, is his Lexicon Pentaglotton; upon which he was employed many years. His highest preferment in the church, was a prebend of St. Pauls. Ob. April, 1640.