George Wither

Edward Phillips, in Theatrum Poetarum (1675) 2:56-57.

George Withers, a most profuse pourer forth of English Rime, not without great pretence to a Poetical zeal against the Vices of the times in his Motto, his Remembrancer, and other such like Satyrical Works; besides which he turn'd into English Verse the Songs of Moses, and other Hymns of the Old Testament; in all which, and whatever else there is of his disperced up and down; for his Works however Voluminous, have been scarce thought worthy to be Collected into a Volume; whoever shall go about to imitate his lofty style, may boldly venture to ride post and Versifie; yet because taken for a great Poet, and by some for a Prophet; in regard many things are fancied to have come to pass, which he pretended to predict, he must not be omitted; but the most of Poetical Fancy which I remember to have found in any of his Writings, is in a little piece of pastoral Poetry call'd the Shepheards Hunting.