Abraham Fraunce

Joseph Ritson, Bibliographia Poetica (1802) 211-12.

ABRAHAM FRAUNCE wrote and publish'd, 1. The lamentations of Amintas for the death of Phillis: paraphrastically translated out of Latine into English hexameters: printed by John Charlewood for Tho. Newman, and Tho. Gubbin, 1588, 4to. 2. The countesse of Pembrokes Emanuel. Conteining the nativity, passion, buriall, and resurrection of Christ: togeather with certaine psalmes of David. All in English hexameters: printed for W. Posonby, 1591, 4to. 3. The countesse of Pembrokes Yvychurch. Conteining the affectionate life, and unfortunate death of Phillis and Amyntas: that in a pastorall; this in a funerall: both in English hexameters: printed by T. Orwin for W. Posonby, 1591, 4to. To this last poem are annex'd The lamentation of Corydon, for the love of Alexis, verse for verse out of Latine, first printed by J. Charlewood, 1588, printed also in his Lawiers logike, 1588, by Wm. How, and The beginning of Heliodorus his Aethiopicall history. 4. The third part of the countesse of Pembrokes Yvychurch: entituled Amintas Dale. Wherein are the most conceited tales of the Pagan gods in English hexameters: together with their ancient descriptions and philosophicall explications: printed for T. Woodcock, 1592, 4to. 5. A dedication, in verse, to the earl of Pembroke, in his Lawiers logike, pr. by W. How, for Tho. Gubbin, and T. Newman, 1588, 4to. 6. The Arcadian rhetoricke, 1588, 8vo. a mixture of prose and verse; valuable, says Warton, for its English examples (III, 406).