William Warner

Giles Jacob, in Historical Account of the Lives and Writings of our most considerable English Poets (1720) 226-27.

This Poet flourish'd in the Reign of Queen Elizabeth, and I know nothing of him, but that he wrote a Poem, call'd, Albion's England. It is Historical, and deduc'd from the peopling of the Earth by the Sons of Noah, bringing in his History succinctly to the Siege of Troy, from thence to the coming of Brute into this Island; and so down, touching upon the most important Matters, to the Conquest of England by William Duke of Normandy; and from this time the publick Affairs to the beginning of the Reign of Queen Elizabeth. It is writ in the old-fashion'd kind of seven-footed Verse; and begins thus,

I tell of Things done long ago, of many Things in few,
And chiefly of this Clime of ours, the Accidents pursue;
Thou high Director of the same, assist my artless pen,
To write the Jests of Brutons stout, and Arts of Englishmen.