Rev. Charles Butler

Thomas Fuller, in History of the Worthies of England (1662) 2:13.

CHARLES BUTLER, was bred Master of Arts in Magdalen-Colledge in Oxford, and afterwards Beneficed in this County [Hampshire]. An excellent Musician, who wrote a Book of the principles of Musick, in singing and setting, with the twofold use thereof (Ecclesiastical and Civil) and a critical English man, having composed a Grammar of our Language; He also wrote a Book of Bees; wherein as if he had been their Secretary, he appears most knowing in the State-Mysteries of their Common-wealth; whence one, not unhandsomely on his Book.

Aut a consiliis Apibus, Butlere, fuisti;
Aut a consiliis est Apis tuis.
Butler, he'l say (who these thy writings sees)
Bees counsel thee, or els thou counselst Bees.

I behold these his Books as the receptacle of the Leakage and Superfluities of his Study; and it is no Trespass on Grace for one to walk and take a turn in the Field of Nature; He was also a pious man, a painful Preacher, and a Solid Divine. Witnesse his Excellent Book of the Marriage of Cousin Germans, approved and commended by Doctor Prideaux as a the best ever written on the Subject, I conjecture he dyed about the year 1640.