Rev. Charles Butler

Anthony Wood, Athenae Oxonienses (1690-91; 1721) 2:102.

CHARLES BUTLER was born at one of the Wycombs (Great Wycomb I suppose) in Bucks, entred a Student into Magd. Hall in the Year 1579, took a Degree in Arts, and being made one of the Bible Clerks of Magd. Coll. was translated thereunto. Soon after, proceeding in that Faculty, he became Master of the Free-School at Basingstoke in Hampshire, where continuing Years, with the enjoyment of a Cure of a little Church called Skeres, was promoted to the Vicaridge of Lawrence-Wotton three Miles distant thence, (a poor Preferment God wot for such a worthy Scholar,) where, being setled, he wrote and published these Books following, which shew him to have been an ingenious Man, and well skill'd in various sorts of Learning.

The feminine Monarchy: or, a Treatise of Bees, Ox. 1609. oct. Lond. 1623. Ox. 1634 qu. translated into Latin by Rich. Richardson, sometimes of Emanuel Coll. in Cambridge, now, or lately, and Inhabitant in the most pleasant Village of Brixworth in Northamptonshire. — Lond. 1673. oct. In this Version he hath left out some of the ornamental and emblematical part of the English copy, and hath, with the Author's, scatter'd and intermix'd his own Observations on Bees, and what of note he had either heard from Men skilful this way, or had read in other Books. But this last Translation being slow in the sale, there hath been a new Title put to it, and said therein to be printed at Oxon. 1682. oct.

Rhetoricae libri duo, quorum prior de Tropis & Figuris, posterior de voce & gestu praecipit, &c. Oxon. 1618, the 4th Edit. and 29 qu. Lond. 1635. oct. It was written by the Author at Basingstoke, 1600.

De propinquitae matrimonium impediente regula generalis. Oxon. 1625. qu.

Oratoriae libri duo. Ox. 1633. qu. Lond. 1635. oct.

English Grammar. Ox. 1634. qu.

The Principles of Music. Lond. 1636. qu. He took his last farewel of this World on the 29th of March in sixteen hundred forty and seven, and in that of his age 88, or thereabouts (after he had been Vicar of Wotton St. Laurence before-mention'd 48 years) and was buried in the Chancel of the Church there.